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Poster: jonc Date: May 7, 2007 11:10am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Youtube getting hit for copyright violations...

Filtering out copyrighted content is a challenge. Porn can be ferreted out with certain flags ("xxx", "babes"), but there's just nothing to test content for copyrights. Something uploaded as "Spiderman" might sound alarms, but the most complete database available online is that of the US Copyright office, and that only goes back to 1978. IA relies largely on people's altruism. They also seem to have a system in place for screening content manually, but that would be time-consuming.

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Poster: Telephone Toughguy Date: May 21, 2007 8:53am
Forum: movies Subject: Re: Youtube getting hit for copyright violations...

There is a strong contrast to most parts of the archive compared to the Live Music Archive which seems draconian in comparison regarding proper format, attribution, etc, so I know it is possible. I have sent a few emails and posted several threads in the forums suggesting a few easy steps to curtail most of it.

1. Verified, valid email required for registration.

If the bots and jihadi's give fake addresses, no access.

2. Mandatory attribution fields.

If you cannot describe the item and list copyright details, reject the upload, period.

Most other sites have these basic features that would only require a little bit of code one time. It would seem to me that the benefit of lowering the lawsuit risk and the saved server and bandwidth space alone would be worth it.

Look at the LMA threads in the forums for how stringent they are about uploading.